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Class V to X

Scholarship worth ₹ 100 Crore

Cash Prize worth ₹ 1 Crore


Online Test Series (worth ₹ 1000) at no cost


Reliable is the first ever institute to encompass AI (the most powerful platform ever invented) Analysis for Academic performance.

The Foundation of REFORM is build on Reliable's deep knowledge tracing algorithm for academic assessment.

Rewards student's Intelligence modalities and achievements with scholarship, cash prize & national rank.

AI testing methodology will give an insight about the possible career avenues of the child.


Experience 3D AI interactive Approach to help check indepth knowledge of your Academics.

Don't just attempt. Identify your real strengths and weaknesses mapped to each topic for the entire question paper.

Don't just rote learn your studies. Experience how improvement in mistakes can lead you one step ahead towards your goal.

Make your journey as exciting as the latest blockbuster by finding your inherited interest in various subjects.


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For Students

Watch your performance come alive with AI. Gives the time duration when you were highly productive / non productive during the exam.

Fastrack your academic excellence. Gives your performance compared to average / Topper's performance.

Track your efforts and areas requiring practice. Gives accurate interpretation of your speed & accuracy on easy/moderate/hard questions.

Get pin pointed analysis for your knowledge gaps for more meaningful results.

For Parents

Help discover the student in your child. Get involved and provide support that is specificially required by your child.

Identify your child's real strengths, weaknesses and requirements through AI powered personalised feedback.

Monitor your child's progress & performance and get recommendations to improve, every step of the way.

Help truly understands your child's areas of interests thus deciding possible career path.

Registration Process

Registration Fee

200/- INR

Apply Offline

Students can fill offline form at Reliable Institute Kota and in the schools if they have been associated with Reliable for REFORM.

Key Benefits

3D AI Analysis

National rank

Free Test Series Worth ₹ 1000
(at no cost)
(with every reg.)